Fall 2012 London Fashion Week stand-out couture line

©ourtesy of eclipsemagazine.co.uk

Spijkers en Spijkers womens fall fashion collection looks back at the eccentric but sheltered Edie Bovier Beale. The twin fashion designers chose ‘Birds of Paradise’ as their title and inspiration: a phrase the Dutch use to describe eccentric and colorful people. They used socialite Edie Bovier Beale, a true bird of paradise, as their London muse.

Colorful fall embroidered exotic fashion birds adorned (or should I say perched upon) jackets, fashion dresses and shirts. The color palette featured: Ceylon yellow, Bordeaux, lime green, mulberry purple and burnt orange with flashes of black and night shadow blue.

London fashion style was the early 1940s, haute couture luxurious fabrics of silk dupion, silk satin, crepe de chine, silk wool blends and printed silk wool maple. Although the suede patchwork belts made of contrasting shades brought an early ’70s street style hippy feel in to the mix for fall 2012. Ostrich and bird feathers trimmings brought Hollywood glamour as detachable cape like collars and flirted with hemlines to London. Check out the feather embellishments on the shoes!

For UK London Stockists check out www.spijkersenspijkers.nl website. [Fashion show Catwalk photographer Christopher Dadey for London Fashion Week.]

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